Our Mission

"Create wealth for society, create opportunities for employees, create benefits for customers, get returns for investors, and win development for LABOO."

Enterprise Service Concept

The more difficult it is to satisfy the needs of the customers, the greater the surprise and emotion to the customers.

Introduction Of Products

Make perfect quality,make a little progress every day.

01 Hydrogen Production Series

After natural gas what is pressurized desulfurization mixed with water vapor, to enter the special transformation furnace, under the action of catalyst cracking reforming, generated the converted gas of containing component of hydrogen, carbon dioxide. After converted gas recovery heat, convert the carbon monoxide into hydrogen by transformation then by PSA purification to obtain hydrogen, and PSA tail gas return conversion furnace combustion heat recovery.

02 Oxygen production series

Pressure swing adsorption (P.S.A) is an advanced normal temperature gas separation technology at room temperature. High purity oxygen is produced by using imported zeolite molecular sieve as adsorbent The diffusion rates of nitrogen and oxygen on the surface of molecular sieve are different Also The selectivity of molecular sieve for oxygen and nitrogen is different, therefore we use these differences to separate oxygen and nitrogen.

03 Nitrogen making series

Using Characteristics of selective adsorption of carbon molecular sieve for nitrogen production by pressure swing adsorption
Separate nitrogen and hydrogen by the principle of pressure adsorption and decompression desorption