Company Profile

Changzhou Laboo Hydrogen Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is a gas-based technology-based factory, mainly engaged in various gas production techniques and gas devices, the company strictly enforces the quality assurance system, and set up its own product enterprise (factory) standard, ensure quality and reliable products and perfect after-sales service for customers, the methanol cracking hydrogen production system developed by LABOO company, VPSA absorption and pressure swing adsorption oxygen system, being rated as a high-tech product. LABOO gas system is widely used in petroleum, petrifaction, metallurgical industry, coal industry, pharmaceutical industry, aeronautics and astronautics, automotive industry, plastics industry, glass industry, food industry, and the electronics industry and other industries. The company has an experienced and dedicated team, who can provide the professional pre-sale, for sale, after-sale service. Our sales manager can work according to site conditions, customer conditions and make a concrete analysis, reliable, economic recommendation service; LABOO engineering design and manufacturing personnel fully embodied advanced technology and perfect manufacturing techniques on each system of LABOO GAS; LABOO’s after-sales service system and customer service concept ensure that every piece of equipment sold is perfect and the first time service, ensure that every system maintains excellent working conditions.

Our main international business markets are African, European, South American, Asian, Australian and New Zealand.

Our branch was formally established in Shandong Zibo, in June 2014, to fill the gaps in Shandong gas market. Our company is Gas industry’s top expert, provides comprehensive, scientific and better services for the northwest market.

In the production and sales of more than 10 years, to provide high—quality products and services for thousands of users. Among them, the Chinese academy of sciences and other industry leader in the maintained long—term cooperative relations closely.

The company has an excellent team with rich experience and professionalism, able to provide professional pre—sales,after—sales service for you.

LABOO gas system is widely used in petroleum, petrochemical, metallurgical industry, coal industry, pharmaceutical industry, aerospace, automobile industry, plastic industry, glass industry, food industry, electronic industry and other industries.


Create wealth for society, create opportunities for employees, create benefits for customers, get returns for investors, and win development for LABOO.


Be a company respected by every nations in the world


Build an international brand, achieve prestige of LABOO