Core Component

01  5A molecular sieve(model:LB5A—01)

Adsorbents for hydrogen production generally use 5A molecular sieve, silica gel, activated carbon, alumina and so on. After many times of development and improvement, screening, strength, life, dynamic adsorption of impurities, separation efficiency and other aspects of the performance of the world's advanced level, hydrogen recovery rate can reach 90%.

5A molecular sieve

5A molecular sieve can adsorb any molecule smaller than the pore, commonly called calcium molecular sieve. It can adsorb C3-C4 n-alkanes, chloroethane, bromoethane, butanol and so on. It can be used in the separation of n-isomeric hydrocarbons, pressure swing adsorption separation and co-adsorption of water and carbon dioxide.

02  Sequencing valve


Valves are widely used in domestic large and medium-sized petrochemical refineries, China Shenhua Group, CNOOC, large-scale coal chemical enterprises and biopharmaceutical, metallurgical and other industries.


1. The structure of the upper sealing packing assembly has the ability of self-compensation. The packing will be deformed by the spring force, and the clearance will be compensated automatically. Its life can be guaranteed for more than three years without leakage.

2. The valve stem is coated with a layer of nickel-phosphorus alloy with self-lubricating phosphorus and copper powder in the packing. The service life of the seal on the valve can be guaranteed for more than five years without leakage.

3. The spool assembly is a set of self-balancing device. After self-balancing, the spool hardly bears pressure, and the internal leakage of the valve is easy to be sealed (only considering the permeation of gas), thus ensuring zero leakage. (High pressure valves use self-balancing spool structure, for low pressure valves use ordinary structure.)

4. The sealing sheet is made of imported high-tech and new materials. Its service life is much longer than that of domestic sealing sheet.

5. A unique anti-scouring device is designed on the valve core assembly, which can effectively protect the sealing sheet from scouring damage and ensure the long-term use of the sealing pair.

Technical indicators

Valve model LBJQ-H
Nominal path DN25~DN350
Nominal pressure PN1.6、2.5、4.0、6.3MPa,ANSI 150LB、300LB
Medium allowed flow direction Unidirectional or hydrodynamic
Applicable temperature -29~200℃,-196~400℃
Switching life ≥1200000

Applied medium

Oil, natural gas, hydrogen, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, oxygen, reforming gas, FCC dry gas, change gas, water, steam, etc.

03  Activated alumina


Activated alumina provided by LABOO Purification Technology Co., Ltd. of Changzhou is a spherical particle with many capillary channels. It has strong affinity for polar substances such as water. It is a non-toxic and non-corrosive high-efficiency desiccant. The product has the characteristics of high static capacity, low wear, water-free and strong water absorption. The lowest dew point can reach - 70 C and the regeneration temperature is low (150 C). It is widely used in the deep drying of various vapor-liquid substances and the treatment of harmful impurities.

Main indicators

Index name 3-5mm  4-6mm  5-8mm 
AL2O3 content(%wt) ≥94.6% ≥94.6% ≥94.6%
Stacking density(kg/m3) ≥700 ≥680 ≥660
specific surface area(m2/g) ≥350 ≥350 ≥350
pore volume(ml/g) ≥0.4 ≥0.4 ≥0.4
Crushing strength(N) ≥120 ≥160 ≥180
Wear rate(%wt) ≤0.20% ≤0.20% ≤0.20%
Loss of burning(%wt) ≤5.0% ≤5.0% ≤5.0%
(packing: 25KG bags or 150KG bottled)

Matters needing attention:

Do not open the packaging before use, so as not to absorb moisture and affect the adsorption effect.

04  Activated carbon for hydrogen production


Recovery and purification of hydrogen, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, methane and other gases from various mixtures and industrial waste gases has been widely used in petrochemical, metallurgical, food, coal, machinery, light industry and other industries.


The PSA special activated carbon provided by Changzhou Laboo Purification Technology Co., Ltd. can improve the selectivity of the adsorbent by controlling the pore size of the adsorbent production process.

1. the characteristics of large adsorption capacity.

2. the speed of desorption is fast.

3. the characteristics of high separation technology.

Main indicators

Name LBHXT-01
Specifications Cylindrical、φ1.8~2.2mm×2~6mm
Color black
density(g/ml) 0.62-0.64
Strength ≥95%
Ash specification ≤8%
Water content in packaging ≤8%
(25KG bags can be changed according to user needs.)

Matters needing attention

Pay attention to waterproofing and moisture-proof so as not to affect the adsorption effect.

This product is made of coal carbon, so it should be fireproof so as not to catch fire or even fire.

05  Catalyst for methanol to hydrogen


Mainly used for methanol and water pyrolysis conversion reaction, into H2, CO2, a very small amount of CO and CH4, to produce the desired product H2.

Performance characteristics

1. high conversion rate.

2. less side reaction and less easy to knot.

3. high strength, not easy to pulverized and low resistance.

Conditions of use

1. raw gas sulfur content <1*10-10, chlorine content <1*10-10

2. operating night airspeed is less than 1.0h-1

3. pressure: less than 2.5MPa

4. adaptation temperature: 210 C ~270 C

5. the best operating temperature is 220 ~260 C.


Physical property
Black metallic cylinder
4~6(Long type)
Heap density(kg/l)
Mean strength before reduction(N/cm)
chemical composition
Appropriate amount