Sequencing valve


Valves are widely used in domestic large and medium-sized petrochemical refineries, China Shenhua Group, CNOOC, large-scale coal chemical enterprises and biopharmaceutical, metallurgical and other industries.


1. The structure of the upper sealing packing assembly has the ability of self-compensation. The packing will be deformed by the spring force, and the clearance will be compensated automatically. Its life can be guaranteed for more than three years without leakage.

2. The valve stem is coated with a layer of nickel-phosphorus alloy with self-lubricating phosphorus and copper powder in the packing. The service life of the seal on the valve can be guaranteed for more than five years without leakage.

3. The spool assembly is a set of self-balancing device. After self-balancing, the spool hardly bears pressure, and the internal leakage of the valve is easy to be sealed (only considering the permeation of gas), thus ensuring zero leakage. (High pressure valves use self-balancing spool structure, for low pressure valves use ordinary structure.)

4. The sealing sheet is made of imported high-tech and new materials. Its service life is much longer than that of domestic sealing sheet.

5. A unique anti-scouring device is designed on the valve core assembly, which can effectively protect the sealing sheet from scouring damage and ensure the long-term use of the sealing pair.

Technical indicators

Valve model LBJQ-H
Nominal path DN25~DN350
Nominal pressure PN1.6、2.5、4.0、6.3MPa,ANSI 150LB、300LB
Medium allowed flow direction Unidirectional or hydrodynamic
Applicable temperature -29~200℃,-196~400℃
Switching life ≥1200000

Applied medium

Oil, natural gas, hydrogen, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, oxygen, reforming gas, FCC dry gas, change gas, water, steam, etc.