All kinds of rich hydrogen PSA-H2

Working Principle

PSA is a kind of physical adsorption process,is the use of different gas components on the adsorbent adsorption capacity of different gas separation process;At the same time is to use the same components on the adsorbent adsorption capacity and gas partial pressure of the corresponding relationship between the process of gas purification and adsorbent regeneration.

PSA hydrogen is used under pressurized condition adsorbent selective adsorption of hydrogen rich mixture of hydrogen in the components,so as to achieve the purpose of the component separation,hydrogen and other gases at the same time in the vacuum state adsorbent adsorption impurities released gas,make the adsorbent adsorption ability to regain.

Technical Characteristic

1. The equipment cover a small area, the equipment arrangement is reasonable, the occupation area is relatively small among the same kind of device.

2. Stable operation, continuous operation throughout the year.

3. The automation level is higher than the similar products, because the control point is perfect and reasonable, The device can be unmanaged on site.

4. In 50-110% flow, load adjustment freely, safe and stable operation.

5. Under normal circumstances, the equipment can be Opened and stopped according to demand.

Technical indicators

Unit size:1000~100000Nm3/h

Purity:The purity:95%~99.9995%


Temperature:Room temperature